Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 13 review: Owen’s new fight; Alex’s choice

OwenGrey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 13 on ABC Thursday night offered us up a chance to see a number of interesting story threads — with one of the most emotional ones, to the shock of no one, being about Dr. Owen Hunt.

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What did we see over the course of tonight’s episode? Well, it looks like he is going to be forced into an emotional battle over his foster son. Tonight, Betty/Brittany’s parents (played by Jennifer Grey and Kyle Secor) showed up, in hopes of restoring some of the life that they had previously lost. It’s understandable that they would want their family back — Betty’s in the wind after breaking out of rehab, but her son was right in front of them. The issue for Owen was that he wasn’t ready to give him up. He was a good father and he’d worked so hard in order to have a family of his own. He didn’t want to see that fade away.

Unfortunately, Owen does get self-destructive when he gets upset so it’s hardly a surprise that he is taking out a little bit of his rage on Amelia. She was trying to just calm the situation by explaining to Betty’s parents that her own history with addiction made her the perfect person to help their daughter; yet, in doing so she gave them more ammunition to try and get their grandson. This is going to turn ugly, and there’s a chance that it will also put a major strain on Omelia.

There was some good relationship news elsewhere, though, mostly because Meredith did get permission from Maggie to go ahead and date DeLuca. For most of the hour, she was hesitant to give it a show largely because Maggie seemed iffy when she first brought up the idea. It wasn’t until a little bit later that she learned that Maggie was so busy working on her new patient, an old enemy from medical school, that she wasn’t even paying attention to Meredith when she first mentioned Andrew’s name. Everything is okay, and the two can now move forward as a couple.

Speaking of couples, the relationship between Teddy and Koracick seems to be full steam ahead after she explained to him her history with Owen, and we certainly are in the camp of wanting these two to be happy. It just feels like their coupling has been rather easy and few things with this show ever are.

As for non-romantic news tonight, Bailey tried to pry the position of Chief back from Karev, who seemed disinterested in giving it up after he’s started to understand the ends and outs of it. He never thought he would be anywhere near as good at it as he is; yet, here we are. He’s found a home doing something that he never imagined he would be doing.

CarterMatt Verdict

While the whole Maggie-not-hearing-Meredith part of the story was a little cheesy, there was some great emotional firepower elsewhere. It was nice to get some clarity on where Teddy’s heart lies, and while we do hate to see Owen struggles, Kevin McKidd continues to prove that he is one of television’s most-underrated actors time and time again.

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