Big Brother 21: Three things players can learn from Tamar Braxton

Big brother 20We have a ways to go until Big Brother 21 premieres on CBS, but while we wait, why not take a look at Tamar Braxton’s win in context?

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Last night, Tamar became only the second unanimous winner in the history of the North American version of Big Brother, as she ended up finding a way to defeat Ricky Williams while also playing a very notable game. She was always visible in the house, she won competitions, and she also was at the center of conflict. There were reasons to worry about her, but she found a way to overcome those.

So what are some of the big takeaways that we have from her game, ones that can prove to be very valuable in future seasons of the show? We’ve got three of them below.

Charisma Matters – While we understand the merit in playing an under-the-radar game from the get-go, people are going to be more invested in you if they feel like they know you. Having a sense of humor in the game matters, as does having good personal friendships. Even if you do find yourself at the center of drama sometimes, you can often find a way out of it so long as you express some regret after the fact.

Keep Your Power a Secret – There’s almost no benefit that comes out of telling anyone that you’ve got a power in the game, mostly because you run the risk of the person you tell deciding to tell everyone else. Tamar did the smart thing here in making sure nobody knew the truth about the Power of the Publicist. Try to get by without having to use it, but if you do, make sure you save it for the right moment.

Have multiple alliances, but manage to make each one feel like it’s the most important – While Tamar and Kandi had their issues, they were very close and Tamar was able to weave between this and the Bedroom Alliance — while she was a little harsh sometimes in her conversations about Kandi, they were useful in getting the bedroom group to think that she was with them rather than Kandi. It wasn’t a secret alliance per se, but nobody took it as seriously as they should have.

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What do you think future Big Brother players can learn from Tamar’s finish this season? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)


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