NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 13 review: LeVar Burton, action hero

NCIS: New Orleans

Tonight, NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 13 delivered what turned out to be a really great story — and a really great guest star.

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We know going into this episode that we were predisposed to like it, mostly because we’re such a fan of LeVar Burton as Commander Nero. He’s an intelligence officer who found himself in quite the pickle when Lt. Ford, who worked under him, ended up becoming more or less the show’s version of Patient X for a story all about a deadly virus and biological warfare. Nero also had major trust issues — he felt such a sense of responsibility over what happened to her that he worked undercover at first to try and uncover the truth. That even included posing as a Department of Health employee at Loretta’s lab in order to get some key information.

For the better part of the first half of this episode, Nero didn’t give NCIS or really anyone much of a reason to trust him — he was going rogue, acting to try and save Ford, and given that he was trying to sneak away from his own meeting, it was easy to think that he was up to no good.

But, was he? As it turns out, this situation was a little bit more complicated than that. Nero wasn’t out to cause trouble; he just wanted justice in the same way that anyone would. He just had his own means, but over the episode, the NCIS team figured out how to trust him. Nero also ended up forming a bond with Loretta and the two went out for a meal at the very end! That was after we had a pretty exciting action sequence with the lab, one where LeVar got to show off some of his action-hero skills. Nero and Wade is a pairing that we can certainly get behind, and he hope it leads to him being able to come back in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

We love LeVar and with that, it was all but assured that this was going to be a personal favorite. Yet, there were some other good moments in this episode beyond him. For starters, it was rather fun to be able to see Sebastian and Tammy try to hammer out being roommates — it didn’t go too well at first, but after some talks about boundaries, they are probably figuring things out. Meanwhile, Hannah returned to work a little bit earlier than anyone planned, which speaks mostly to the fact that it’s a little bit harder for her to pick up her life than she first realized.

NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 13 delivered a lot of interesting content, a great guest star, and some worthwhile action. With all of that in mind, it offered up precisely what we wanted.

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