Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 photo: Erin consoles Danny

Blue Bloods season 9

Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 will be arriving on CBS on Friday night, and all signs suggesting that it will be emotional.

How many times do you see Danny and Erin together, outside of when they are either at work or at family dinner? It’s not that often. The two are close, but getting a lot of atypical Reagan family time is not the focus of this show. That’s makes these moments all the more special to us when they do happen — they are so few and far between and so when they do happen there is a larger air of significance that goes along with them.

So why is Erin paying him a visit? A lot of that stems from the key emotional story at the heart of “Blues,” as you are going to see Danny recover from an off-duty incident that leaves him potentially traumatized. While we have seen Danny take on some unfortunate issues in the field on a number of occasions, this one is going to stick with him. A big part of that may stem from the fact that he wasn’t working at the time, or the man involved in the incident was fairly young. Being a cop is not something that just turns off the emotional side of your brain — things still get to you and you certainly do struggle anytime things get violent. You’re dealing with other humans, and even with the worst of them, they may not necessarily be evil. Some of them may just have untreated mental illness, or have other things influencing their bad decisions.

This episode for Danny is going to be about the recovery — and for Erin, it’s going to be about being at his side. It’s true that she does not have the same experience of tragedy that he has — she hasn’t born witness to death in the field in the same way. Yet, she does know what it’s like to lose someone, having been right there with him for the death of Joe Reagan and others. She also just knows Danny as a brother and can speak with him in a way that not everyone else can; given that he and Jamie are just recovering from a fight this past week, Erin seems like the perfect person to take on the role of emotional anchor at this particular moment in time.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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