Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 28)

Ricky WilliamsEarly this afternoon the Veto Ceremony took place in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house … and the results were as expected.

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While Lolo Jones (who won the Veto last night) had a brief flirtation with using the Veto to put up Tamar Braxton, she opted against it — Kandi Burruss and Dina Lohan are on the block and because of that, it seems likely that Kandi will end up being the person who leaves the game next. How else could the tide actually turn?

Well, at this point Kandi’s priority may be working to try to get Ricky Williams on board with the idea of keeping her. We wrote earlier today that Kandi needed to try and work Lolo, but we’re not sure that this is something that has any hope of working out. Tamar may be willing to keep her; Ricky, however, is another story. (ne of the more ridiculous rants we’ve seen over the past hour is Lolo being upset over how much money Kandi makes in a year — this is your reminder that Celebrity Big Brother is not meant to reward the people with less cash to their name. While we did question why Kandi wanted to do this given her success, that was her choice.

The biggest argument Kandi can make to keep her is that Dina is a threat who hasn’t made any enemies on the jury — and as a matter of fact, was super-close to many of them. She had a longer friendship with Tom and Kato than Kandi did, and has some connections with some of the other guys, as well.

Does Mooch vote?

From our understanding, he will not have a jury vote at the end of the game. That’s one less person for the players to think about, but he was also such a wild card that it’s kind of hard to really know what direction he would’ve gone anyway. He was really close to Tom during his time there, but also left so early that not all of his allegiances were cemented.

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