‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: How Lyla tries to cope

Following last week’s stunner on “Sons of Anarchy,” it is going to be time Tuesday night for a bit of mourning and reflection; but for some characters, we have a feeling that the coping process will be more difficult than for others. (Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

One character is who is clearly going to be going through quite a bit here on the show is Lyla, who has not been separated from Opie for that long prior to him being killed off in last week’s episode. So what does the actress responsible for playing her have to say about what is coming up? Speaking per “The Insider,” Winter Ave Zoli first and foremost chose to address the episode (which will contain his wake) in general terms:

“[It’s] about mourning Opie — how the club and family deals with it, and in particular Lyla, how she deals with it.”

From here, Zoli also went on to talk about how she personally was sad to see the death of Ryan Hurst’s character, largely because he brought such a different energy and vibe to the show than we see really from anyone else:

“It was definitely shocking because I feel like he brings… such an interesting character [to] the show, he brought so much to it, and I know they have reasons for doing things, and I totally respect that, but it was disappointing, it was upsetting, [also] because I like Ryan so much.”

Will Opie ultimately be avenged by Jax or someone else in SAMCRO? Personally, we have a feeling that this will be a question for not just the rest of this season, but the series as a whole since no amount of pain or violence is going to be able to bring him back. Instead, we’ll just be haunted with images from the prison forever.

If you want to see a video preview for Tuesday night’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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