Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feed spoilers: Jury vote fight (day 27)

Lolo JonesToday, the final five Power of Veto Competition is slated to happen in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house — but before we get around to that, why not dive into a discussion on jury votes?

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Overnight, there was a rather-ridiculous debate that got heated as some of the houseguests (led by Lolo Jones) got into it over how many jury votes that they supposedly had. It’s a weird discussion since nobody wants to take credit for their game; after all, that makes them come across as a threat and the game isn’t over yet. Kandi was talking about some of the friendships that she’d made during the game, which led to Lolo listing off all of the votes she probably had. Kandi didn’t love this, and instead went back at Lolo for some of the votes that she probably had — including Natalie and Ricky’s for sure, if Ricky didn’t make it to the end. She also claimed that Lolo may have had Tom’s — which makes sense for her to think that based on Tom’s exit, but Tom has since said on social media that he is actually pulling for Kandi instead.

So basically, what we had last night was Kandi getting attacked by other people in the house for saying that she made some friends, which makes her a target. We see this mostly as Lolo possibly wanting to justify getting Kandi out if she doesn’t win the Veto.

One other strange thing about the jury this season

It’s so skewed — seriously. The hard thing about a season like this is that the players get to go home instead of staying in seclusion. That’s where their votes can be heavily influenced by their friends, family, and Twitter followers — who can at times influence things that are not necessarily true. We think there could be some unpredictability on what we see at the end of the season — we just hope that nobody takes the endgame too seriously, but we’re probably just shouting that into a endless void at this point. We’ve clearly seen this season that everyone is taking things super-seriously and because of that it’s really hard to gauge if anyone will be able to view the season with objectivity at the end of the game.

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