‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Deb’s problems are far from over

If you watched the season 7 premiere of “Dexter” on Sunday night, then you are probably already pretty well aware that one Debra Morgan is having a rather tough time at the moment. (Warning: the following contains spoilers if you have yet to watch the episode.)

First, Deb learned that her brother was the person responsible for killing Travis Marshall during the season 6 finale; then, by the end of the episode it was made pretty clear to her that her brother was far more sinister than she ever realized. Knowing that you grew up with a serial killer, and that your own father was really lying to you for years to protect him, can be something that is devastating beyond words; so is there anything that can make this situation even worse for her? Based on what we are hearing now, it sure sounds like it.

Speaking to E! News in a new interview, executive producer Sara Colleton teased a story that suggested that Deb’s woes are far from over, and she will have something else to deal with:

“Something will happen that will absolutely bedevil her and she’ll have to figure and navigate her own way and path through the problem.”

So what could this mystery story be? We’re not often one to make wild guesses, but we are assuming that it will be something pertaining to the fact that LaGuerta found a blood slide at the burned-up church that housed Travis’ body. She may not inform anyone of what she is up to immediately, but sooner or later she may find enough evidence to suggest in her mind that the case is worthy of re-opening, and her late friend Sargent James Doakes can finally be exonerated.

What do you think is going to “bedevil” Deb at this point to make her situation even worse than it already is?

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