NCIS season 16 episode 13 video: Who is the mystery girl?

NCISTuesday night’s NCIS season 16 episode 13 is right around the corner and based on what we’re seeing, it’s going to be more then just memorable. “She” has been heavily promoted as a case tying back to the past Ziva David, and the previews have fans (and us!) with so many questions. For example, why tell this story now? Is it just to garner ratings for sweeps or is there something more about Cote de Pablo’s character that we are actually going to learn?

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It would be wonderful to get a little bit more information but, at the same time, the sneak peek below doesn’t mention Ziva’s name at all. Instead, it is focusing on another major part of the case — a mysterious nine-year old girl. What we know about her is that she was found hiding in a storage unit in terrible physical and mental condition; meanwhile, the team believes that she may be the daughter of a Navy recruit who disappeared shortly before the girl would’ve been born. As for how Ziva is connected to this case, Bishop discovers that she was continuing to investigate what happened long after the remainder of the team moved on. There is a personal connection that Ziva has to the case, but it’s something that NCIS is keeping under wraps for now.

The new information revealed in the preview is that the young girl has a number of burns on her arms and is extremely shy — she’s not exactly trusting of many people, and that’s why Bishop wants to stay behind with her. She’s spent enough time with her to have forged some sort of connection. However, that’s not something that Gibbs wants her to do, as he feels like she would be of more use out in the field alongside him. It seems like Sloane is going to stick around with her instead.

We fully believe that this mystery girl has pertinent information to the case; the problem is going to be waiting for the next day and a half to find out what it is. NCIS season 16 episode 13 may be the most-anticipated one of the season, largely because of the way that NCIS is hyping it up to have to do with Ziva who is beloved by fans. Our hope still remains that, by some miracle, they reveal that Ziva could still be alive. While this wouldn’t be as great as actually seeing Cote in the flesh, it would open the door more to a possible return down the road if the stars aligned (although we would be surprised to see Ziva back without Tony and Tali, so if they did that they would REALLY have to sell that reasoning). Fingers crossed that there is something more within this episode than a little bit of smoke and no fire.

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