Celebrity Big Brother 2 debate: Early AFP speculation

Celebrity Big Brother season 2
Unfortunately, this has been a super-boring day on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds. There were no competitions, there was some chit-chat, and Lolo Jones has formed a pretty close connection to Orwell — the patron saint of conversations with lonely houseguests. There were also some family visits a little bit earlier in the day, and you can read more about those over at the link here.

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So for the sake of this article, why not spend a little bit of time talking about the America’s favorite houseguest competition? It’s a pretty funny race when you think about it, mostly because the fact that it’s abbreviated AFP for some reason when really, it should be AFH.

Anyhow, the number one question here is simply whether or not this is going to be a real competition at all. If you look at Twitter, you would think that it actually is a fairly competitive race. There are a lot of people who have been voting for Tamar Braxton, Natalie Eva Marie certainly has a lot of fans, and really just about every houseguest is doing what they can to put in effort if they’ve been evicted from the game already. Why would you not? It’s a chance to get a little bit of additional money.

However, you really have to think in terms of what casual viewers would do. With this, we are mostly talking about people who tend to watch only the CBS show and don’t watch the live feeds all that much. Their vote counts the same as any live-feed viewer, and based on the way that his game ended, it feels fairly cut-and-dry that the winner is going to be Tom Green.

It’s hard to really envision it any other way. What Big Brother fans love more than anyone else is someone who played a questionable strategic game, but also was a big-time underdog for more than just a few days. Does Tom have to himself to blame for being on the outside of the house? Probably, but he still was endearing at several moments during the game and he developed a very big fan base, to go along with the fan base that he had going into the season in the first place. He was also evicted at a time in which a lot of people were pulling for him, and because he is so recently sent home, he has a little bit of recency bias on his side.

Tom winning AFP would also produce quite possibly the most entertainment value, mostly because of the fact that Tamar seems to be fairly convinced that he is not going to win it inside the house. Even though she does have bragging rights over the man that she made it further on the show than him, it is almost America speaking back after she had so much fun dancing on his grave on the way out the door.

Who are you rooting for to win AFP in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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