Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 video: Danny’s off-duty shooting

Blue Bloods season 9

This weekend, CBS officially revealed the Blue Bloods season 9 episode 15 promo for those who haven’t seen it already, and it’s a difficult one. After all, we’re talking about a different side of one Danny Reagan to one we’re used to seeing.

It’s true that Danny often knows about how to handle adversity, mostly because he’s been through it. For the better part of his entire life, he’s been surrounded by death — he lost the love of his life in Linda, his mother, his brother, and his grandmother. So many important people in his world are no longer there, but the only comfort that he was not directly responsible for any of those deaths. (There is still a mystery one there with Linda, though — one that we hope will be resolved a little bit later this season.)

In the promo for episode 15 (entitled “Blues”), you see precisely what’s keeping Danny up late at night — an incident involving a man who apparently tried to stab Danny while he was off-duty. In a split-second decision, Danny shoots him in self-defense. It’s the decision that he thought was right in the moment, given that his life was being threatened and he wants to be able to emerge on the other side of it okay.

Yet, the issue here is the second-guessing. Even if you think that you’re making the right decision on something like this in the moment, that isn’t going to keep the thoughts from creeping into the back of your mind. There’s always a chance that this is something that is going to stay with you and haunt you in one form or another. That’s amplified further by Danny being confronted by the man he shot’s family, demanded some sort of additional information from him as though there was another way. The other Reagans are going to do what they in order to help him … if there is a way in which to help him. The only thing that really may help to get him through this is time and plenty of patience. We know that he has went through some therapy in the past and that could help him again here.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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