Outlander season 5 character questions: Hopes for Caitriona Balfe’s Claire

What are some of the ways in which Outlander can help to make Caitriona Balfe’s character of Claire Fraser shine in season 5? That’s something we’re going to discuss today in our first edition of Character Questions!

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Every Sunday for the next several weeks, we’re going to take a little bit of time setting up (without spoilers) where the story could go for some of the Starz series’ core characters moving forward. It makes perfect sense to begin things with Claire, mostly due to the fact that she is the anchor of the story and beyond that, she is the first character we had a chance to actually meet.

Will she settle into a stable role as Fraser’s Ridge? – Based on the promises that Jamie made to Tryon, the easy assumption entering season 5 is that there will be more settlers arriving around Fraser’s Ridge. Does this mean more people for Claire to look after as a doctor? We do want to see more of her in this role continuously explored, given that she may be as important to these men and women’s survival as anyone.

How will she use her knowledge of history? – Claire, Brianna, and Roger all have an inherent advantage of knowing full well how the Revolutionary War is going to end. With that, it’s their responsibility to steer the ship for Jamie and help to ensure he makes some of the right choices. Claire has to lead that charge, as she is the person he trusts more than anyone.

Can the show explore more time-travel mythology? – Is it possible Claire returns to the present for some reason, or she discovers someone else from another era? With the discovery of the standing stone in America, the door is open to explore some new avenues in the story that perhaps were a little bit inaccessible beforehand.

What will Claire be like as a grandmother? – We really didn’t get to see much time with her raising a baby version of Brianna, so seeing her being involved in this aspect of her daughter’s life should be a treat — and will likely give us a number of emotional scenes in the process.

Will there be more romance between her and Jamie? – We’ve heard from many a fan who wanted to see more when it comes to the passion between the two in season 4. We get where they’re coming from, but also understand that it was difficult, at times, to find a way to fit that in — especially with them traveling on the road with Young Ian and then Roger. With the two hopefully spending more time at Fraser’s Ridge together, there could be an opportunity now to sprinkle more of that love-story element into the series.

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What do you want to see for Claire on Outlander season 5? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)


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