Is Malec, Clace, Sizzy, someone else best Shadowhunters ‘ship? (‘Shipper Showdown 2019)

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersMrs. Carter: What Shadowhunters ‘ship is shining the brightest in 2019? In this ‘Shipper Showdown feature, this is what we are taking a look at.

What makes a ‘ship worth celebrating? It’s a number of things, whether it be the big story arcs to the small, funny moments. It’s the screen lighting up whenever the characters are in a scene together. These are the characters and relationships you root for or, in some cases, you see yourself in. There are so many great ones within the Shadowhunters world past and present, but within this piece I have spotlighted a few in particular.

At the bottom of this post, there’s a poll for you to share your favorite! Vote however often you like until February 13. The winning ‘ship will face off against many others from separate shows in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale on February 14.

Clary & Izzy – Will the two of them have some fun moments throughout much of 3B? You have to hope so, though obviously the first order of business is making sure that Clary ends up being okay after the cliffhanger. It would certainly be nice to have some supportive Clizzy scenes where Izzy is there for her, and also where the two can continue to find a way to bond amidst the sheer craziness that exists around them. The writers have luckily always found a way to make time for them, so here’s hoping!

Clary & Jace – The Clace relationship is one of the biggest ones on the show these days, and understandably when you consider the arc of the story. The two went through a lot in order to be together and there are certainly examples of sacrifices that they’ve since made in an effort to help each other. The objective and hope entering 3B is just that they can find a way to have some stability and further their relationship more. They haven’t exactly had much stability since getting together!

Magnus & Alec – Malec is an integral ‘ship for Shadowhunters that means so much to people than can ever be said. They’re an inspiration, they care about each other, and in the context of the story they also provide a positive example of how a relationship can have some growing pains, but still move forward and grow from them together. They are what other relationships can look towards when it comes to cheering for your other half, being there in hard times, and finding a way to constantly keep the romance alive.

Simon & Clary – The two have not been romantically together for a while now, but Climon is certainly still an important part of the show. It’s hard for it not to be when you think about the longstanding nature of their relationship and how much they’ve helped one another over time. There’s a nostalgia that comes with their time together, as it gives us a chance to both dive into backstory and draw comparisons between past and present.

Simon & Izzy – Finally, Sizzy is a ‘ship that seems somewhat still on the rise. All indications suggest that these two are gearing up for a huge second half of season 3, which makes sense given some of what they’ve been through and also the gravitational pull they could eventually have to each other. There’s an understanding there — beyond whatever feelings are present, they have a natural relatability and capacity to care.

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