The Masked Singer rankings: Is the Monster, Peacock poised to win?

The Masked SingerWelcome to the first The Masked Singer rankings piece of the season! With the finale so close to airing on Fox and with the field fairly narrow, we’ve got a good feeling as to where at least some of the performers stand in our heart.

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Yet, what’s so tricky about judging this show is that 1) the viewing public has no say in it and 2) it’s hard to really know what people are going to go for now that we’re at the point when the majority of the performers left are either singers or people with singing experience. How do you gauge who is the best? We’re basing ours in part on vocal quality, preference, and then also whether or not the contestants actually have an element of mystery to them still — we do think there is something appealing to that still.

6. Alien – It seems fairly obvious who she is at this point, and beyond that, her voice doesn’t have the same exact power as some of the other people who are left. It’s reasonably easy to have her here on the list.

5. Rabbit – This is where things get a little bit tricky given that all of the top five performers are pretty great. We like the Rabbit a lot, but we think the top four have had slightly more memorable performances. Also, it feels pretty clear who we’re looking at here in terms of the singer’s identity.

4. Bee – She’s a music icon, and that may got a little ways towards her being on the competition a long time. Who is going to want to get rid of her, even if they all know on some level who she is?

3. Peacock – We love the amount of work that the Peacock has put into this character, making him over-the-top and also allowing him to perform like nobody’s business! He’s a great singer … and really, the only thing working against him is the obviousness of who he is.

2. Lion – While the internet have figured out the identity of the top two, the judges are a little more clueless. Maybe the lion doesn’t make it this far because she’s not a singer in the way that some of the other contenders are, but we think the curiosity factor helps her.

1. Monster – We think that, more so than anyone, the Monster inhabits what this show is about — a great singer who also still is somewhat mysterious the judges. He’s fully inhabiting the character, and he seems to be a favorite of many fans online.

Who do you want to see win The Masked Singer? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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