Outlander season 5: Three characters who need more airtime

OutlanderWe’ve still, unfortunately, got a long time to wait until we get to Outlander season 5. Luckily, there is still a lot to discuss!

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Within this article, we’re talking a little bit about the underdogs — the characters who are certainly fascinating, but maybe not people we tend to get a lot of personal insight on. Maybe they serve as support to other people on the show, or maybe they just play a limited role because of where they are located. We wanted to focus here on three of them who stood out throughout season 4 who are certainly worth a little bit more time and exploration as we move into the future — though we say that knowing full well that there’s not a lot of time in every episode given everything else going on.

Lizzie – We feel for Lizzie in a lot of ways, given that through season 4 she was the subject of ire all thanks to a misunderstanding. She thought she saw evidence that Roger was Brianna’s assailant, and she wanted to do what she could to help her. After all, Brianna spared her from a miserable life overseas. Now that Lizzie is in America and hopefully the Roger crisis is in the rear-view mirror, maybe it’s time for her to find a little happiness of her own — if she can get over fully what happened.

Lord John Grey – Here’s the thing about David Berry’s character — while he’s had prominent roles in several episodes, he’s actually only appeared in a little more than half a dozen episodes. It just feels like more at times when you think about his overall impact. He may be one of the series’ best characters, a man who struggles with his sense of power and status amidst an underlying longing that he can never quite fill. We’ve advocated for a spin-off, but if not that, more time on the show would also work.

Ulysses – Ulysses is in so many ways an outlier when it comes to his education and his journey through life — or at least that was the case in the books. There’s a whole lot more to dive into with this character on the show based on what’s in the books. We’re eager to see a little bit more of that, and also the extent of his relationship with Jocasta when nobody else is really around.

Honorable mentions

Is it easy to include Phaedre on this list? Absolutely, and you could probably put Tryon on here if you wanted to see more of the story from a different perspective — even if we’re not rooting for him. There are also some people over in Scotland (Jenny, more of Ian Murray) or people in the present (Joe Abernathy) it would be fun to see again, but it’s hard to find logical ways to make that happen right now.

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