‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Where will Cory Monteith spend his time?

On the fourth season of “Glee,” there have been plenty of surprises already within the span of three episodes, and one of the biggest ones came within the span of just a few seconds at the end of Thursday night’s installment when we saw Finn arrive at the doorstep of one Rachel Berry, mere seconds after she planted a kiss on her NYADA classmate Brody. It’s certainly a time of great confusion in her life, and the real question that comes now is just what is going to happen when everything is out in the open in an episode where many of our favorite couples could end up getting split up.

Unfortunately, what we have right now does not really look like the best news imaginable when it comes to Cory Monteith’s character. Speaking in a new interview with E! News, Jane Lynch revealed that we are going to see quite a bit of Finn moving forward this season back in Lima, and he is actually going to be lending a helping hand to some of the performers in a certain glee club who we have loved to watch over the past several years. One of the people he will be specifically mentoring it is new character Ryder, played by “The Glee Project” champion Blake Jenner. We will catch our first look at him when the show returns from its hiatus in November, and all indications seems to suggest that he is going to be the new sort of All-American guy who can do everything at the school. Let’s just hope that Finn is not too jaded during this mentoring project based on everything that has happened to him.

Do you think it is possible that Finn could return to Lima while still dating Rachel?

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