Siren season 2 episode 5 review: The status of Ben, Maddie and Ryn

Siren season 2Before we dive into Siren season 2 episode 5 we have to talk about where we left off – with our main trio of Ben, Maddie and Ryn sharing some pretty intimate kisses with each other. We’ve seen some of these kisses before, but this is really the first time that they have all happened in front of each other, and all with each other. The show has long set these three up as a possible¬†polyamorous relationship, but it’s looking like we have finally come to the starting line with this now – or even more then just just the starting line since tonight’s episode kicks off the next morning where all three of them are cuddled up in bed with each other. Did more happen then just kissing and cuddling?

If you wanted a¬†polyamorous relationship…

Turns out it was just kissing and cuddling, but Ryn tells them both that she wants more with them. Here is where things are very different when it comes to sirens and humans. For Ryn the ritual of mating is to procreate and it’s not that pleasant for the male sirens (in some cases they even die). Maddie and Ben explain that on land, there is mating for procreation, but also making love to be closer to someone you love and that it’s equal for men and women meaning pleasure for both. After hearing the explanation Ryn says she wants to make love with Ben and Maddie and they agree that they want to be with her too – so we will see where this goes!

Xander and Katrina

We said this in our last review, but it really needs to be said again – this is a ship that we can really get behind! It’s complicated, they could both become more open people and grow from it together and the chemistry is wowzers! There’s nothing happening there yet, but it really feels like there could be and wouldn’t it be nice to give Xander something more then just a revenge story? For now that revenge story is still the focus of this season for him as he’s struck a deal with Katrina that if she brings him Levi that he will make the ocean safe for her to return to.

Oil drilling and the ocean future

Ben has been working with that reporter who came in when the whales started to beach themselves and it’s proved to be a fruitful relationship. He’s told Ben that the oil mapping has produced results and that they are bringing in drilling machines to start poking around and confirm what they suspect – that there’s oil to be mined. If this is the case then it may be a lot longer then 8 months before the sirens can go back, but there’s an even bigger problem in that this will disrupt the ecosystem so badly that they may never be able to return. Siren is a show with a much larger message and they really aren’t backing down from that in season 2 – the oceans need a lot more love then they are getting from us.

Things become even more complicated for Ben trying to stop the drilling when he realizes that his father is involved with it.

Katrina is coming

Xander and Ben’s conversation about the oil drilling has brought them on the same page, but for somewhat different reasons. They both want the sirens to go back in the water and go home, but that doesn’t include Levi for Xander who he wants dead. Xander revealed to Ben that Katrina is alive and helping him, so he quickly tries to warn Maddie and Ryn that she’s not dead after all – unfortunately, they don’t see the message right away as they are dealing with Maddie’s mother’s missing wedding ring. Her drug dealer has it and when Maddie goes to get it back from him she finds herself in a violent situation – which turns even more gruesome when Ryn breaks this guys neck killing him. As sweet as Ryn is and as much as we love her, it’s easy to forget that she is still a predator and will kill if she has to.

While no one is really paying attention to Katrina, she has found a way to bring in Donna’s daughter into her plan to get them back in the water. Their mutual hatred of humans has helped to bond them and together they get Levi alone trying to force him to come with them. This is the cliffhanger we are most interested in since we have learned in this mythology that the female sirens have all the power. We have just grown to love Levi and we don’t want anything to happen to him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The theme of this episode (for Ryn especially) was learning about equality. On land we still deal with inequality with men and women, in this universe the sea has the same issue except the genders are reversed where women control everything, eat first, choose mates and men do as they are told. With Ryn moving into an equal relationship with both Ben and Maddie she is learning that things can be equal between both genders. There’s clearly a long way to go for sirens (and humans!), but it’s nice to see that there is effort being put in and that people are trying.

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