Manifest season 1 episode 14 reaction: Michaela shares a difficult secret

Manifest season 1NBC’s Manifest is nearing the end of season 1 and the mystery of Flight 828 still has us sitting on the edge of our seats. During this past Monday’s episode we pick right up where episode 13 left off. Michaela invites Zeke to stay at her apartment, who has a calling about a black wolf, which is also experienced by Cal. At the end of last week’s episode, Saanvi seemed disturbed by an unknown presence and in this week’s episode, that unknown presence is a woman named Alice who asks Saanvi to treat her cancer-stricken husband. Alice is a member of the Church of the Returned, which is run by one of the passengers aboard Flight 828 named Adrian. Alice and the members of the church believe the passengers can perform miracles. So Alice forces Saanvi to help her husband at gunpoint. Believing something has happened to Saanvi, Ben locates the church’s pamphlet in her office and finds a letter matching the handwriting on a note at the church.

The friendship between Ben and Saanvi is a powerful one and works well. We sense that there is love there, but a love more along the lines of friendship. Ben and Saanvi need each other in a way friends need their friends and for us, this connection is great to watch.

Meanwhile, Michaela admits to Lourdes that she and Jared had an affair. This scene spoke volumes because it can’t be easy to tell your best friend a secret that could ruin your friendship. Lourdes has also been suspicious of the two of them, but also trusted them. Lourdes was put in a situation she never thought possible and we give her credit for being so strong for as long as she was. It was even braver that Michaela tells Jared about the encounter as they go to meet Ben at Alice’s apartment, where they find Saanvi and rescue her.

Later Ben goes back to Adrian, where Adrian confesses that he doesn’t believe what he is preaching, but does it because it’s what certain people want. After saving Saanvi, Michaela and Jared confront each other about their feelings. Both admit they are in love with the other, but can’t be together because Lourdes left him and it wouldn’t be right. For us, this was the best character based scene this series has done. It was emotional and powerful and it spoke volumes. Michaela loves Jared so much, and it showed through when she denied him a chance to be together. Lourdes just left and to jump right into it something would be a mistake. If you love someone you’re willing to give them up, and that’s exactly what Michaela did. Bravo to this scene.

While Michaela and Ben have been searching for Saanvi, Grace and Zeke have been trying to discover what Cal and Zeke’s connection is about. Cal draws Zeke’s calling, showing the wolf with Michaela. This fact scares the both of them and Zeke assures Cal that he doesn’t make events happen, he sees the future and can predict them.

In addition to helping Ben, Michaela and Jared have been part of an operation to uncover a van from the river, which when Michaela opens the door, the driver lunges at her, gasping for air. In the end, Director Jenson reports seeing Ben during a church meeting to the Major.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, this episode has given us another piece of the puzzle. The man gasping for air at the end was another person who has experienced a time lapse following an event, such as a car crash, a hike (Zeke) or a plane flight (the Stone family). People are having these experiences that allows them another chance at life. For Zeke it’s a life after punishing himself for his sister’s death, for Michaela it’s a life after she killed her best friend, and for the Stone family it’s something that will bond them together more tightly than ever before. Cal connects everything back to the Major because she wants him for something that we aren’t aware of yet, but are looking forward to.

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