A Million Little Things episode 14: Can Regina ease the pain?

Million Little ThingsA Million Little Things episode 14 was far from an easy hour of television in a number of different ways. This was an episode about hard realizations, difficult conversations, and realizing exactly that the truth can sometimes be a little bit more complicated than anyone first thought.

This is what it was with Regina, who looked within this episode to get some sort of healing after carrying trauma with her for most of her life: She was assaulted by her uncle and wanted to do what she could to ease that pain. There was no forgetting it, but she wanted to find a way to move forward after her mother was never quite there for her when she needed that extra support.

Yet, she realized as the episode went along that there may have been a reason why she wasn’t able to really offer her anything. Let’s look at things within this sense — it was hard to imagine that Regina was the only victim. It turns out her mother was, as well, which is why the two were able to share that tearful moment near the end of the episode.

There is no changing the past, but within this episode, you did see the characters do what they could in order to find some sort of path forward, one where they could actually take some steps forward and not have the specter of the past hanging over them.

As for what else took place, what’s going on with Delilah’s new restauranteur beau? What does he want? It’s something that is worth wondering since he’s offering up a great deal of charity and there is an important question to wonder here: Why? That’s something that Gary is still trying to figure out. The restaurant opening was one of the big moments from the end of the episode, and this proved to be every bit as notable as you could have imagined. It was a culinary madhouse.

Yet, it also was somewhat of a success. There was some peace at the end of episode, a rare stroke of success and something that many characters can remember for some time moving forward. Regina made it clear in the end that she is going to donate all of the money to a women’s shelter — she and her mom also realized that there was a lot for them to work through, but they were at least on the road to something. That’s a start.

Did we still get a cliffhanger here? Absolutely, to the surprise of really nobody. They gotta leave you with something via that envelope, right?

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