Supernatural 300th episode: Jensen Ackles on John’s return

SupernaturalIt doesn’t even feel like it’s proper justice to call the Supernatural 300th episode emotional. Is that even doing it justice? We’re not quite sure that it is, given that this packed so much history and so much nostalgia into a single hour. It does feel like, coming out of it, we’ve got a better sense of closure for the Winchester family — also, it helped Sam and Dean realize more of who they are.

Could the boys have tried to keep up the illusion with their father and their family-unit forever? Sure, but they opted instead to get a little bit of closure, have that moment they never thought they’d have with their father John, and then use that to further continue the fight. This is the life that they’ve chosen, and without question, they are very much good at it. This is something that almost certainly is going to inform every move that they make moving forward.

In speaking about the reunion and the aftermath of it to Entertainment Weekly, here is some of what Jensen Ackles had to say:

“I think it’s going to be fuel for them … For both brothers, to have a family unit is something they’ve never truly experienced, especially Sam. To catch a glimpse of that and to have a moment of reprieve from the life that they’ve been buried in for so many years, and to be able to sit back and see their mom and dad together, have a moment with Dad face-to-face, they may not have been ready for it, but it’s something I feel will give them a boost, a bit of a fill-up.”

Our feeling is that this episode fills a void for many viewers out there — after all, there have long been questions as to whether or not we would ever see John again on this show. There was something missing there. Now, it’s a little more okay if we never see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again, even if we’d take him back just about any time that he was able to go. With this being said, the length of his absence did make his return in this episode all the more emotional. We were right there with the brothers, understanding precisely what this moment meant to them and how hard it was to wrestle with the idea that this man was back, and then they had to find a way to let it go.

So while we may not see or hear of John in the episodes that are coming up, we do certainly still think that this return matters.

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