The Masked Singer: The Raven unmasked as Ricki Lake!

The RavenTonight, The Masked Singer, of course, had to eliminate another noteworthy contestant from the field, and going into the hour, it made sense for it to be the Raven. Of the three performers on the show, she was the one who had the smallest overall singing experience. While she wasn’t terrible, she was simply just up against a number of people who are extraordinary singers. She was the only person on the show tonight who wasn’t actually a performer in that way.

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So who was it under the mask? It actually was Ricki Lake — Robin Thicke was right! Also, it just so turns out that Robin is a big Ricki Lake fan. This was the guess of most people online and for a good reason — the clues more or less gave it away. She has gone through personal tragedy, she has some history performing, and her voice actually sounds a lot like she does when she talks. That’s often a dead giveaway for many singers and it absolutely was here.

As for what we really liked about the unmasking, it was mostly Ricki’s spirit and how much she really enjoyed the anonymity. For the majority of her life, she’s spent it in front of the camera having people know almost everything about her at all times. It was a bit refreshing for her, most likely, to be able to be separate from that for a change and enjoy the mystery. It’s almost like flexing a different muscle and getting to showcase something new and totally different. We’re glad that Ricki got a chance to do this show and show off a different side.

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