The World’s Best review: Sister Cristina Scuccia, Dundu Giants of Light, & more

The World's BestTonight, The World’s Best kicked things off with an important task — finding a way in order to resolve the Matt Johnson cliffhanger. The Drowning Man had to figure out a way in which to escape from his tank and the show did its best to make it look as though he was near death.

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So did Matt survive? The show resolved that early on and obviously, he found a way to make it through. That wasn’t something that they wanted you to be overly concerned about.

Before we move on, just a reminder to check out our new interview with Johnson over at the link here, as he talks about what goes into his dangerous escape and the training that it requires.

Naturally 7 – They are a vocal acapella group that does seem really crazy (and creative!) stuff when it comes to doing their own percussion. We haven’t seen a whole lot like them when it comes to their ability to replicate so many things. They drew a score of 95, so the majority of the Wall of the World came on board.

Dundu Giants of Light – We had no real idea as to what to make of this act before actually seeing it, given that it was a puppet show mixed with lights and your imagination. It was so simple, and yet there was something so sweet about it. It was just hard to know exactly what it was or if we were ever going to be seeing a real endgame here — it almost didn’t matter. It was just so beautiful to behold and they are thankfully moving forward.

Iya Traore – He was described going into his performance as a soccer sensation, and his challenge was simple: Impressing people with a fairly simple skill. There are a lot of soccer players, but few who can do just what he does. It just wasn’t enough for him to move on.

Sister Cristina – Here is one we’ve been waiting for — the famous singing nun! She’s already had some fame on the Italian version of The Voice. There is certainly a part of her act that is based out of novelty and it’s pretty hard to deny that. Yet, we do still find her endlessly entertaining. She made it, but it was fairly close.

Justin Flom – We’ve got here a magician and the first person from America that we had a chance to see him use music to use a really wonderful card routine. This was cool, but we don’t know if he’s living up to the King of Cards nickname at the moment.

Duo Suining – These Chinese acrobats are known for being some of the best in the known world and they proved that in what was an intense, gravity-defying act where they showed an ability to balance on objects and each other.

Lydian – He’s a pianist and a rather brilliant one at the same time. It’s not just his overall ability on the keys, but also the speed at which he plays. It’s incredibly impressive, but the question you have to wonder is whether or not it’s enough. For now, it was at least enough to get him to the next round.

The hypno-dog – This was … weird. We didn’t see a whole lot of it, and it was montaged in with some other acts — including a contortionist who can really twist her body in a million different directions and also some people who were hanging upside down. The hypno-dog didn’t make it, but the contortionist did!

Jade Kindar Martin – This was certainly a fiery, dangerous act. He comes from a family of circus performers and from a danger standpoint, we did like seeing what he brought to the table. Was it the flashiest act? Surprisingly, no, and maybe he just didn’t do enough.

Dimash Kudaibergen – He’s phenomenal, and we can’t say that we’re shocked that he is moving on. Vocally, he may very well be the best person on the whole season.

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