All American episode 13 return date hopes; the final push

All American season 1

Do you want to know the All American episode 13 return date at The CW, coupled with some more news as to what’s ahead? Well, we’ve got more news on that particular subject now!

The bad news is that there is no new episode airing on the network next week; the worse news, meanwhile, is that there isn’t one in the week that follows. You’re going to be waiting, according to the Futon Critic, until February 27 to see the show kick off its final stretch. Why the wait? A part of that may just be making sure that the show doesn’t get too far ahead of production.

Here is the good news — when you do see the football drama on the air, it will be airing the remainder of its season in succession. There won’t be any weeks off or repeats at that point. It’s a chance to really get some good momentum underneath the show and hopefully some higher ratings in the process.

From the start this season, All American has been one of the biggest underdog shows that The CW has. We’re talking here about a non-franchise series airing in a tough timeslot, and on a network that doesn’t really have the biggest sports focus in the world. The viewers who have checked the show out have really loved what they’ve seen, and it has developed a really loyal following in the process. We just wish that the following that the show was amassing was a little bit larger than what it’s ended up being. This is where streaming comes into play. the performance of the first season on Netflix could be a big factor in whether or not it comes back, given that this is an audience that could potentially flock to the show in season 2. It’s something that proved to be super-beneficial to another high-school series in Riverdale, but that show did have the advantage in being based on familiar Archie characters. It’s not as easy to get people watching here, but we certainly do hope that it works. We’ll be certainly waiting to see.

Remember still that if you love All American and want to see it on the air as long as possible, the #1 thing that you can do is to watch it live. That will be the thing that helps to keep it around in the long-term.

What do you want to see when it comes to All American episode 13, and are you still crossing your fingers and hoping for more in terms of the series’ future? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stay tuned for some other news. (Photo: The CW.)

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