The Flash season 5 episode 13 review: The many faces of Irene Adler

Flash season 4Tonight, The Flash season 5 episode 13 delivered what we can describe best as a story of morality. How far are Barry and Ralph willing to go to stop Cicada?

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At the center of “Goldfaced” was an undercover operation, one in which Barry and Ralph went undercover within the criminal world in order to get a device — one that is essential in order to ensure that they can take on this season’s Big Bad and stun him long enough so that they can give him their newly-minted metahuman cure. The problem is that their powers were dampened and they had to do this the old-fashioned way, which was surprisingly fun! It was a cool twist to see a mission that was largely free of powers, and they were able to succeed without them.

Yet, what is succeeding when you realize along the way that the mission itself is flawed? Barry and Ralph just didn’t have the heart to go through with what they needed in order to get the device — having to take hospital supplies away from children. With that, they ended up taking down the criminal operation — which is great for the world, but they’re going to have to figure out another way in order to defeat Cicada.

This is where Iris West-Allen comes into play, given that she seemed to uncover something while interviewing Orlin at his cousin’s home. She did a reasonably good job, at least at first, being undercover and getting some information out of him. He eventually caught on, though, and she was able to thwart him long enough to escape. (How many people are able to actually defeat this guy this season?)

There was a lot of interesting content for Iris this week as she’s becoming more and more of a reporter, but she still has a ways to go before taking over Central City as a journalistic pioneer.

Meet Renee … er, Irene Adler

Tonight, Nora also had a separate mission — she was intent on doing whatever she could in order to distract Sherloque Wells from what was going on with her. Thanks to some help from Eobard in the future, she was actually able to succeed! As it turns out, Renee Adler is the same woman who Sherloque has married multiple times already — he just has a habit of marrying different versions of her across the universe. The back-and-forth here with Nora and Sherloque was fun, especially when Nora brought in some of Sherloque’s ex-wives for “advice,” which really just turned out to be them wanting their alimony payments.

Eventually, though, Nora was successful in pairing up Sherloque and Renee, even though at first she thought he was a stalker for everything that he knew about her. As it turns out, though, he’s just a brilliant detective! He’s very good at figuring out people when he first sees them. Sherloque was also able to realize at the end of the episode that Renee was a meta and because of that, he’s now firmly focused on Cicada … which keeps her secret, at least for now.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Flash didn’t necessarily deliver the biggest story of the night, given that Caitlin was quiet, Cisco was MIA, and we’re not that much closer to stopping Cicada. Yet, at least this was an entertaining watch from start to finish.

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