The World’s Best premiere: Kukkiwon Demonstration Team kicks it off

The World's BestTonight, The World’s Best premiere is almost certainly going to deliver a really huge audience, and that can be said even more for the very first act who performs. That’s an especially tremendous spot — you’re going to have a chance to perform to one of the biggest audiences imaginable.

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The idea for this show is pretty easy to describe: The best acts in the entire world coming together in order to deliver a hopefully-impressive performance. There are two specific groups that the contestants have to impress: The three superstar judges and then also the Wall of the World — people from all over the world who know what it means to be talented.

Now, let’s go ahead and get into discussing the first act of the night — Kukkiwon. They are martial-arts experts from South Korea who are legitimately insanely good with what they can do. This is a group that has pretty much an Olympic pedigree behind the scenes. This was their demonstration team showing just what they can do and, from start to finish they brought intensity, drama, and a little bit of action. They could pretty much excel in any martial-arts movie possible and they proved that here.

We’ll admit, though, that as impressive as their first performance was, we were equally entertained in seeing host James Corden try (and fail) to live up to their high standards with their demonstration. We have a feeling that this is going to be something recurs through the entire season — James trying and failing at various things.

Our first impression of the judges – They were engaged, and we do like the fact that there’s a Wall of the World expert for almost every single thing. We heard tonight from Anderson Silva, who is a martial-arts expert.

The format of how every act moves forward is a bit tricky — the three judges each give a score from 1-50, and the average of those scores is added to the point total form the Wall of the World. Each expert gets a vote and if the combined total is more than 75, that means that you are able to move on to the next round.

With Kukkiwon, there was really no reason for fear here. They got everything that they needed and then some from the wall, and with a grand total of 99, they were able to move on to the next round. They got every single expert!

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