Michael Buble stars in bubly Super Bowl commercial, puns galore

Super Bowl commercials love puns — seriously. It’s almost at the foundation of just about every single thing that they do. This is at the forefront of the new commercial starring Michael Buble and the sparkling-water beverage bubly.

The premise – Basically, almost all of this fundamentally about, from start to finish, the similarities that are there between the company and Michael Buble — at least in terms of name. It doesn’t really tell you a ton about the product (other than that it’s tasty), but that’s not really the point. The idea here is to just use the singer as a way to get more people talking about the product and by the virtue of that and that alone, we do think that this is successful.

Does it work? – While we don’t think that this commercial is especially funny, it does do a good job here of achieving precisely what it sets out to do. If you think of Michael Buble moving forward, you’re probably going to think of this.

If there is an issue here, however, it’s probably just the simple fact that this is so close to what we’ve seen from Buble previously on Saturday Night Live. He did a sketch on there with Jon Hamm many years ago entitled Hamm and Buble that was almost the same premise — people associating Michael’s last name with a sparkling beverage. In that case, it was champagne, but the point here is still the same. Maybe bubly is on some level fine with being associated with that, as well — in the end, it’s ultimately just more attention for their product and that is what they are trying to achieve here more so than anything else.

We are guessing that there are many people out there who will have never heard of this before the game tonight and for many of them, this commercial may be a winner.


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