M&Ms Super Bowl commercial features Christina Applegate, chocolate bars

Christina ApplegateTonight, there are a plethora of innovative commercials airing during the Super Bowl, and one of the most notable ones is coming to be coming via M&Ms. They have a tendency to combine both animation and celebrity for some innovative ads, and we definitely think we’re seeing that this year … though it’s also a little bit disturbing at the same exact time.

The premise – Christina Applegate plays the lead in this commercial, as she is driving along with passengers that sound a lot like the signature cartoon M&Ms that you’ve seen over the years. Yet, when you actually see these candies, you notice that they are wedged within a giant chocolate bar. This commercial is meant to specific advertise M&Ms recently-released chocolate bars that exist within a number of different flavors. (We do wonder whether or not this is something going to work for the company, mostly because we just tend to think about M&Ms as the pop-in-your-mouth candy that you can eat at any time.)

Does it work? – Well, it does a good job of actually presenting the product for what it is — though we’ve always wondered about how much these M&M ads work since basically, at the center of most of them is a life-or-death struggle for the candies. It’s always tough to anthropomorphize a food product since the goal is that you want viewers to actually eat it! Yet, this campaign over the years has been extremely successful and because of that, we have a feeling that this one will be just as successful.

Is it going to get headlines on the same level as the one that recently featured Danny DeVito? We’re not so sure about that, given that this ad proved itself to be one of the best ones that the company has come out with. He’s also a little bit more of a recognizable star than Applegate, especially when it comes to name recognition alone.

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