Is Darvey, Machel, or someone else the best Suits ‘ship ever? (‘Shipper Showdown 2019)

Shipper ShowdownMrs. Carter: In today’s new ‘Shipper Showdown article feature, my focus is on a super-simple question: What’s the best Suits ‘ship out there?

While with some shows in this series I’ve come up with lists of about ten different ‘ships, there’s really not that many prominent ones here. Suits has an element of romance, but it also doesn’t have an exceptionally-large cast. It also has some characters now who haven’t been around long enough for there to be a lot of romance around them. This is a show where there are a few mighty ‘ships and that’s about it. (If you do love all sorts of further Suits discussion, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we talk about the show!)

Below, you can check the list of ‘ships I’ve compiled — unlike the ‘Shiptober series CarterMatt does in October, there’s no real limitation here in terms of them having to be from the past year. That’s why there are some pairings included in here like Mike/Rachel, who technically haven’t been around since the spring of last year.

At the bottom of this article, there’s a poll for you to share your favorite! Vote however often you like until February 13. The winning ‘ship will face off against many others from separate shows in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale on February 14.

Donna & Harvey – Certainly one of the biggest ‘ships related to the show today, and for good reason given that there have been YEARS of buildup on this subject and so many people are still waiting for a little bit of larger payoff. The chemistry is there, as is the passion. Now, it really just comes down to whether or not the two characters can be on the same page at the same time to make this happen for all of us out there that want it so badly.

Jessica & Jeff – While neither Jessica Pearson nor Jeff Malone is a part of Suits in season 8, their relationship was fascinating in that it forced the two of them to let down some of their defenses and that was something I really liked about them. It allowed us to see a different side to Gina Torres’ character and there’s a reason — at least in theory — to root for the two of them on the Pearson spin-off.

Louis & Sheila – They’re fun, they’re passionate, and they have an energy about them that is different than what you see virtually anywhere else on TV. One of the things that are so special about the two is how they basically speak their own language and are hyper-ambitious. They want to have a family, but they definitely want it to come about on their terms rather than that of someone else.

Mike & Harvey – It’s hard to questions the depth of the bond that existed between these two guys when Mike was on the show — they fought for each other, even at the expense of their own career at times. There have also been plenty of opportunities to see just how much Harvey has missed Mike since he moved to the other side of the country.

Mike & Rachel – Machel’s relationship is one for the ages. They overcame a lot on the show together, found love, and eventually decided that they were ready for the next phase — doing some of what they feel compelled to do for people who need it to most. Even if Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle never return, it’s easy to imagine their characters off happy.

Scottie & Harvey – Finally, let’s turn to a pair of characters who absolutely have a history and a past — Scottie and Harvey seem to have gone their separate ways, but anytime that the two are in the same room together, their past often tends to come to the forefront. It also makes their dynamic among the show history most interesting.

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