‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Looking ahead to episode 2

Before we start this “Dexter” article, we must hand down a major warning: if you have not yet watched Sunday night’s season premiere for the show, we strongly recommend running away from the story that we are about to post.

The premiere promised to ultimately be a game-changer following the revelation by Deb that her brother killed Travis Marshall, and it was; as a matter of fact, the show actually did a pretty fantastic thing within the span of this hour, as the cat’s now completely out of the bag. Dexter is a serial killer, and Deb knows about it. It really wasn’t that hard when she just started asking herself the questions that she has been avoiding in her head for much of the past several years, but now there is an important question that rises out of it: where does the show go from here?

Speaking in a post-mortem to TV Guide, executive producer Scott Buck does his best to set the stage for what is going to be the immediate aftermath between these two:

“Episode 2 is Deb trying to figure out what does she do with this [information]. For Dexter, how does he handle damage control? How can he control Deb? He hasn’t told her everything. He told her he’s a serial killer, but there’s a lot more to it than that. She’s been involved in some of these kills in ways that she’s not even fully aware. If you recall, she came up to that plastic curtain and let him walk away, completely unaware that that was her brother on the other side. There’s a lot of stuff to figure out. And the whole idea that her dad was the one who taught him to do this is a huge thing to deal with as well. It also really helps explain a lot about her brother. Deb is a much smarter cop than we would think. There’s always had to be some sort of voice in the back of her head saying, ‘There’s something off about Dexter.’ Not necessarily that he was a serial killer, but there was something mysterious about him that she couldn’t quite put her hand on, but now she knows exactly what that is.”

One of the other things that will be interesting to see is if this revelation causes Deb to look back at some of her close calls, including her at the end of season 5 letting the man behind the curtain go along with Lumen over the killing of Jordan Chase. She also may be intrigued when it comes to the fact that he is the one who took down his wife’s killer in Trinity … but there is still one death that she may have a problem with in Sargent Doakes. Even though it was technically Lila who killed him, Dexter had a major hand in his demise courtesy of locking him up in the first place.

What do you think Dexter is going to have the hardest time explaining to his sister?

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