Microsoft Super Bowl commercial highlights Xbox adaptive controller

MicrosoftWe know that there are a ton of Super Bowl commercials out there that are designed to mostly make people laugh. This year, Microsoft is bringing something a little bit different to the table with a commercial that is geared more to be inspiring — and also useful to gamers who have limited mobility.

The premise РThe purpose of this commercial seems to be twofold: Showing the work that Microsoft is doing in order to show their constant focus on innovation, and then also highlighting their new adaptive controller for Xbox One. This is a device that makes it easier for people with limited mobility to play some of the games that they want and feel like a part of a larger community.

(Note that the commercial below is the extended version — more than likely, the one that will actually air during the game will be a little bit shorter.)

Does it work?¬†– Brilliantly. The message “we all win” at the end of the commercial is very much effective, as it highlights perfectly some of what Microsoft is willing to in order to ensure that every single person out there is not left behind with their products. Maybe this will convince some parents to special-needs kids to consider something like that — it effectively could make the impossible possible for some of their kids.

Yet, as we noted, we don’t exactly think that this commercial was made solely for the sake of just promoting this product. We think it’s meant to speak more towards company culture and a desire to make the world a little bit more inclusive. This is why it is demanded a Microsoft commercial more than just an Xbox commercial. This is about making viewers believe in the company. It’s easy to be cynical with a huge corporation, but this commercial succeeds in at least making people believe in Microsoft as a company who wants to do the right thing.

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