Pepsi Super Bowl commercial: Steve Carell, Lil Jon, and Cardi B

PepsiIt’s been a time-honored tradition for some time for Pepsi to have an ad during the Super Bowl — it’s a chance for them to really spotlight what’s big and current in the world today, often with a few big stars in tow.

So, within this particular Super Bowl commercial analysis piece, we’re going to talk about what works and doesn’t from their latest ad — which you can see below!

The premise – While at a diner, Steve Carell hears someone order a coke, and then seems offended that a Pepsi as an alternative is just “okay” — it’s more than okay! He demonstrates and then calls on two celebrities who use varying forms of “okay” as a catchphrase — Lil Jon and then Cardi B, who shows up with a bedazzled Pepsi can. Pepsi likes to use their Super Bowl ads to show off their product as a fun alternative to Coca-Cola for young people, and this fits that bill.

Does it work? – The central idea here is a smart one since it plays off of the commonality of people just referring to every single cola beverage as a coke. It’s designed to make you think differently and be proud about ordering a Pepsi. We do think that it’s not as clear as it could be messaging-wise, but it’s still a fun idea.

As for the use of the three celebrities, it’s never as hilarious as it could be. Nonetheless, it’s smart for Pepsi to try and bring in Steve Carell, and then two other notable music stars, given the company’s history of using big-name music talent in their ads. It’s also notable that Cardi is here given that she turned down an opportunity to appear at the Super Bowl itself.

Is Steve trying to roll his Rs like Cardi at the end a little cringe-worthy? Sure, but that’s really the point — he is no Cardi. The version of the ad we’ve got below is probably a little bit longer than the one that is going to air during the game itself. Overall Grade: B.

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