Siren season 2 episode 4 review: Are Ben, Maddie, Ryn becoming polyamorous?

Siren season 2Ben and Ryn are battling a very similar situation with each other on Siren and it has to do with her song – He is obsessed with it and she has this deep desire to keep singing it to him. She knows it could be hurting him, so she agreed not to again, but it’s deep within her heart. They have recorded the song and are going to try to find a way to block it, but Ben’s obsession with it is starting to get dangerous as he has the recording and is ready to press play.

So did Ben listen to Ryn’s recording of her song? Absolutely he did! He can’t move past the obsession (which makes sense since that is what the siren song is designed to do) and he couldn’t help but listen.

Xander and Katrina

This episode started off with Katrina being found by Xander and bleeding and badly hurt and our first thought was – wouldn’t it be ironic (and kind of cool) if they fell in love? Katrina who hates humans and Xander who resents Sirens found a way to move past it with each other? Yeah we know we are jumping the gun here but we are already aboard this ship. They are both so angry that channeling some of that into something more positive (like each other) could be a great help to both of them.
He captures┬áKatrina on his boat, who he has locked up in a room (after bandaging her up). So what does Xander want? He wants Levi’s location. After some back and forth between these two, Katrina finds a way to break out of the room, but when she gets to the top of the boat she sees that they are out on the ocean. Xander tells her that he knows from Ben that she can’t escape by water because of the oil mapping and if she kills him then she’s stuck out there. He strikes a deal with her saying if she gives him Levi that he will help her with the problem that’s stopping her from going back in the water. We aren’t exactly sure how Xander has influence to stop a mutli-million dollar oil drilling company – maybe he’s just blowing smoke.

Moving day

The siren’s are having a really hard time living together in the warehouse – mostly they are becoming restless because they are used to hunting and staying busy together in a pack. Ryn realizes that they can’t all live together since it’s causing fights and mischief. They will stay with humans they trust and the male sirens are going to stay in shifts at the warehouse to guard the tank. Ben hooks them up with fake ID’s including names where we finally get a name for the siren that killed Xander’s father – Levi (because of his jeans).
Speaking of Levi, while all of the siren’s are staying with humans they can trust, Levi wants to stay with Ben, but Ben thinks it’s going to be way too much of a betrayal to Xander. Even though Ryn tries to explain that Levi only attacked Sean’s boat because he was told to by the pack leader, Ben says it doesn’t matter the reason only the action. Maddie convinces Ben to do it, just for a little while, but it’s clearly all going to blow up in everyone’s faces. Big secrets like this always come to the surface. Ben decides to try to tell Xander what’s happening with Levi, but Xander’s not hearing it, so before he can even tell him that Levi is staying with him Xander shuts it down saying he’s fine.

Learning with Levi

We knew that Levi and Ben being matched up was going to bring a lot of comedy and awkward moments, but we didn’t expect to love Levi as much as we do so fast! When Levi and Ben get in the car Maddie runs up to Ben and tells him that Levi has a great role model and then kisses him. She apologizes and says that old habits are hard to break and the smile on Ben’s face is a clear indicator that he was happy it happened. When he turns towards Levi, he gets a kiss planted on him while repeating what Maddie said. Great moment and great explanation from Ben on how the kiss isn’t wrong, just that both people have to want to be kissed.
This episode was all about Levi and watching him try to learn about being a man, being a human and developing a friendship with Ben. Levi was a character we were first introduced to as a bit of a villain in season one with what happened to Xander’s father, however this episode pulled back the curtain and really showed us more about him, and why he did what he did. We are all in on Levi now! There is something really endearing about watching him learning about beer pong, his relationships with female sirens, his love of dancing and really just his passion about wanting to learn everything he can about humans.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Things are also getting very complicated between our trio and this story hasn’t been touched on too much since the end of last season. Ben and Maddie seem to be falling back with one another again, but Ryn and Ben are still growing closer and we’ve seen Maddie and Ryn’s connection continuing to build as well. We have been saying since season one that this show may be looking to bring us a genuine polyamorous relationship and at the end of this episode they took a huge step with that. Afte Mddie found out that her mom is using again she sought comfort from Ben and Ryn where the three of them all shared intimate kisses with each other in front of each other without jealousy, or envy, but only with love and respect.

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