Outlander hiatus: Five other Sam Heughan TV roles we’d love

OutlanderWe’re now officially back within the Outlander hiatus, and what that means here is fairly simple: We’re going to have to be very patient from now until when season 5 comes on the air — there’s no guarantee it will be in 2019, so even more patience could be required than usual.

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So while we do wait for season 5 to arrive, we’re going to be doing a new feature every Friday that is something we first started after season 4 — talking about some ideal Droughtlander roles for some of the cast! Let’s kick things off here with the obvious — we’re well aware that season 5 filming will be starting before long and because of that, it’s probably going to be hard for the cast to really take on any other work. Yet, at the same time, it’s a fun thing to think about it for the cast’s next hiatus.

We’re kicking things off today with Sam Heughan, and we think it’s a fun place to start given that we know he’s a gifted, versatile performer. That opens the door for him to be able to do a lot of different things depending on the show — and our suggested TV roles for him are far and away different from what he does as Jamie.

Power – Let’s stay within the Starz family of shows for a moment. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Heughan come on board as a prosecuting attorney who makes it a personal mission to take down James St. Patrick and his associates by any means necessary? You’d get to see Sam in a legal setting (far and away different), and you’d also get a chance for him to share some screen time with the exceptional Omari Hardwick.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Picture Sam as an over-enthusiastic tourist from Scotland who accidentally becomes a key witness in a robbery. He wants to be the hero for getting justice rather than the Nine-Nine, only to eventually realize that he’s terrible at stopping crime.

The Walking Dead – Sam’s a top-secret member of the Whisperers, who mask themselves by wearing the skin of the undead. The fun here would be mostly that you could watch him for a full episode, only to realize at the very end that it’s actually him under the zombie mask. It’s almost like The Masked Singer, but grosser.

The Flash – The show recently hinted at the character of Red Death, who in the comics is an alternate-universe version of Bruce Wayne who comes across some of The Flash’s powers and becomes a notable villain. Sam gets to play evil, and he gets to play a comic-book character on TV. Pretty much a win-win.

Saturday Night Live – While he’s not technically playing a single role on any single show, we’ve been advocating for him to be a host for a while. Why stop the campaign now? He’s funny, she’s smart and he’s always willing to poke fun at himself and that makes him a perfect candidate to host.

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What sort of roles do you want to see Sam Heughan have, during the TV space, in the midst of this Outlander hiatus? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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