What is the best Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, or Chicago Med ‘ship? (2019 ‘Shipper Showdown)

Shipper ShowdownMrs. Carter: In today’s new ‘Shipper Showdown article feature, my focus is on a super-simple question: What’s the best One Chicago ‘ship out there?

As you would imagine, trying to just pick ten ‘ships from the entire history of this franchise is no easy task, but that’s precisely what I’ve done in this piece (if your ship isn’t mentioned, tell me who you ship in the comments)! It’s no surprise that love is in the air so much in this world, mostly because I’m talking about shows featuring characters with super-intense jobs. Because of what they constantly go through, it’s only natural that they develop close bonds and sometimes more. (If you do love all sorts of One Chicago discussion, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we talk about all of the shows.)

Below, you can check the list of ‘ships I’ve compiled — unlike the ‘Shiptober series CarterMatt does in October, there’s no real limitation here in terms of them having to be from the past year. These are ten that stand out the most from One Chicago over the years.

At the bottom of this article, there’s a poll for you to share your favorite! Vote however often you like until February 13 at 1:00 pm ET. The winning ‘ship will face off against many others from separate shows in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale on February 14.

Ava and Connor, Chicago Med – What’s fun about Rhekker is that they started off in a rather contentious relationship as rivals, and really came to develop feelings through the natural, super-competitive doctor environment. Unfortunately, they do still run into conflict because of how hard they fight in their jobs, but there’s something very appealing about watching them fight and challenge each other when the romance is there. The passion burns bright!

Burgess and Ruzek, Chicago PD – Remember when it seemed like these two were destined to be together, and they really brought the best out of one another? Those were the days and it’s something that so many people out there are rooting to take shape again. There’s a reason why Ruzek is keeping his relationship a secret from Kim; could it be due to unresolved feelings for her?

Brett and Antonio, Chicago Fire/PD – Brettonio feels in a lot of ways like things just keep getting away, mostly because they are on two separate shows with clearly very separate storylines at the moment. The loyal following for them is still clearly there, and I certainly think the attraction and chemistry they share is off the charts!

Casey and Dawson, Chicago Fire – In many ways, this is the foundational One Chicago ‘ship. It’s also one of the ones I’m the saddest about given the departure of Monica Raymund from the series. Dawsey will still live on forever!

Ethan and April, Chicago Med – Will Chexton find a way to make things work? It’s definitely easy to root for them because of how much they clearly still care. They’ve already overcome a lot, including a challenging work dynamic and some difficult patients. Can’t they find a way to make this work?

Jay and Lindsay, Chicago PD – It’s been a little while since Sophia Bush’s exit from One Chicago, but this is a breakup that still stings. It was so sudden, they did really love each other, and Jay was thinking about proposing. This is, alas, a situation where you just have to wonder what it could’ve been.

Jay and Upton, Chicago PD – Upstead is a ‘ship that is still bubbling underneath the surface — it has a loyal following and there are certainly those rooting for it. However, it’s clear that there’s a pretty big obstacle standing in the way with Ruzek and Upton’s relationship.

Kidd and Severide, Chicago Fire – Stellaride haven’t been in the best place the past couple of months, but they are two characters who are certainly still worth rooting for. They have such a wonderful friendship and, when things are going well, it blends almost seamlessly into their romantic bond.

Ruzek and Upton, Chicago PD – Clearly, this relationship has been polarizing for the better part of this season, since we have fans that just love it and others that don’t, but it is also hard to deny its impact on the story. They have a close bond and there’s clear passion here, but does Adam have stronger feelings for Hailey than Hailey does for him? That’s the concern.

Will and Natalie, Chicago Med – Finally, you have to include Manstead here just because of their overall impact, even if this season’s been a mess for the two of them in between the Ray storyline in the botched wedding. They love each other dearly, and that is the thing that gets them through some of the current trials and tribulations. Hopefully, happy times will come.

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