Criminal Minds season 14 episode 14 review: Is the BAU haunted?

Criminal Minds season 13Tonight, Criminal Minds season 14 episode 14 took viewers to the city of Lewiston, Maine, an off-the-beaten-path place that just so happened to have quite a spooky history around it. It just so turns out that the UnSub was using some of this in order to murder some victims.

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The UnSubs at the heart of the episode were Stephanie and Patrick, a couple who used paranormal activity in order to justify some of their actions. They thought that there was an evil that was spreading through the town and because of that, the only way to “cleanse” their victims was to completely eliminate them. That included Courtney, a woman who understood the occult and shared some of her knowledge and experiences with others.

In the end, Stephanie was actually the last UnSub standing (she killed Patrick, thinking that he was “infected” himself) and Courtney was able to battle her in the midst of a showdown — that was before the BAU was able to arrive in order to properly take her down.

Insofar as structure goes, this actually felt a little bit more like an old-school episode than one that we’ve seen for most of this season — for better and for worse. There wasn’t all that much attention paid to the personal lives of the BAU agents this week, and instead, it was more about the case and trying to find a way to bring justice to the victims. In the aftermath of what happened, Courtney considered going off and doing something else — after all, it was easy to imagine why she would want to after some of what she went through here. Through a conversation with Rossi at the end of the episode, though, it was revealed that the main reason Courtney continued some of her own ghostly studies was in hopes that she would be able to see her late sister again.

CarterMatt Verdict

The closing minutes of this episode were the most notable, as Courtney informed Rossi that he was being “haunted by something” as she was carted away to the hospital. To us, this was a pretty clear reference to Everett, the villain we first saw on the show last week. He’s the man who got away — at least for the time being.

It was a bummer that there was no Spencer Reid tonight — but who didn’t like the discussion about the BAU being haunted? Given how many people the group has taken out, it makes sense that they would think that.

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