The Big Bang Theory season 12: William Shatner finally appearing

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2It’s taken twelve years to happen, but finally William Shatner is going to be making an appearance on The Big Bang Theory.

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In a new post on Twitter today (which you can check out below), the CBS series confirmed that the Star Trek icon will be appearing in an upcoming episode in what is being described as an epic game of Dungeons & Dragons. Who is joining him? Think along the lines of Joe Manganiello (a noted D&D player in real life), director Kevin Smith, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (because why not?), and then also Wil Wheaton, a longtime guest star staple on the series.

This has to be one of the greatest assemblages of guest stars in the history of The Big Bang Theory, and it does certainly show that they want to end this season in as epic a way as possible. This list also probably is comprised of several people the show wanted to get on board before the end of the series. Shatner has been asked before but turned a guest role down; we imagine that something about this particular story (taking part in something like Dungeons & Dragons) had to be especially appealing to him. Even if he and Wheaton were on different editions of Star Trek, they are still a part of the same family which will be fun to see. The late Leonard Nimoy previously appeared as a voice actor in an episode, and some of Wheaton’s former The Next Generation co-stars have appeared on-screen.

The Big Bang Theory is going to return from a short hiatus on Thursday night, as we have officially made it to the start of the key February sweeps period.

Who else do we want to see by the end of the series?

In our mind, really the only major loose end here is Howard’s father, which the show may or may not choose to showcase given that there are so many other things that they could look at instead for laughs. Also, they may opt to demonstrate here that Howard’s happiness is not in any way dependent on whether or not he has his father in his life. This man left, so he doesn’t really deserve a platform unless he finds a way to come back and make amends.

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