The Flash season 5 episode 12 review: Enter the Central City Citizen

The FlashTonight, The Flash season 5 episode 12 threw a ton of cool stuff at the wall — we went within multiple consciousnesses in search of answers. Beyond just that, we also got a Red Death name-drop, a visit to the Flash Museum, and also perception gaps that were escape-portals for Nora, Iris, and Barry.

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The central premise for this episode was certainly complicated since it revolved in part around Nora venturing into Grace’s consciousness in order to free her from her coma. She was supposed to go with someone else, but because she was afraid of her secret getting out about Eobard, she ventured within herself. When this decision put her in danger, Barry and Iris tried to follow her, and ended up being stuck within Nora’s memories instead. What we saw there was that Nora’s perception of Iris as a parent was rather different from the actual truth. Barry and Iris also ended up seeing the Reverse-Flash there, though they didn’t get a complete picture of what was going on.

For Nora, meanwhile, trying to escape Grace’s memory was a little bit harder than she thought. After all, it turned out that Grace championed Cicada in her mind, mostly because of the fact that she was on his side. She saw Orlin as someone desperate to protect her and she wouldn’t betray him — even if we knew the man to be a monster.

The other side of the memory-worlds

After everyone returned to the real world, Nora managed to come up with a new solution involving Orlin’s home and what she learned. Meanwhile, Iris managed to open up her new office for the Central City Citizen — her newspaper! She’s apparently changing history by starting this up so soon — yet, in doing so, she may inevitably be speeding up the storyline of Crisis On Infinite Earths, which is going to happen so much earlier than anyone first thought.

Cisco’s new love interest

After Ralph duped Cisco in order to go out with him for a night, it just so turned out that he met someone new! Given how intent he has been as of late on coming up with some sort of meta-cure, it’s actually rather nice to be able to see this different side of the character again. Hopefully, it works better for him than his relationship with Gypsy, and it’d be nice to see some members of Team Flash get some proper love interests again.

Here’s the big cliffhanger at the end of the episode — Barry wants to use the cure, which Cisco is almost done with, on Cicada. This ensures that he can be properly defeated.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was certainly a weird, trippy episode, but one that also did have some cool reveals including Red Death and Sherloque starting to zero in on the truth with Nora. She is still trying to protect her parents but, at the same time, she isn’t veering too far from her allegiances with her father, either.

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