Vikings season 6 episode 3 preview: Ivar’s new friend, Lagertha in trouble

Vikings season 6While Vikings season 6 might be the final season of the show, that doesn’t mean that they are going to be slowing down any of the story or the action. There’s a reason why Vikings is one of the best shows on the planet and the two hour premiere once again brought us into this beautifully crafted world that we don’t want to say goodbye to.

Tonight we were treated to a double dose of Vikings glory as we caught up with everyone and learned where their heads are at. Lagertha is done with fighting and just wants to get back to her roots and a simpler time where she can just work the land and hopes to be visited by the ghost of Ragnar (no new footage of Ragnar, but we did get a nice flashback to their love). We saw Bjorn leave behind the young man he was and embrace his role as husband, father and king of Kattegat. And then there’s Ivar who has made his way to Russia and has met Prince Oleg – a man that was once viking and wants to reclaim Kattegat as his own. When we first met Prince Oleg we weren’t sure how he was going to deal with Ivar, but after learning what happened in Kattegat, Oleg is seeing an opportunity to tap into Ivar’s anger at his brothers and use his insider knowledge to take over the town. Oleg is just as ruthless as Ivar and these two joining forces feels like it’s going to end badly for everyone in their path, but is going to be a lot of fun for us as viewers to watch!

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So where does this leave us going into Vikings season 6 episode 3? King Harald has asked Bjorn for help and after a lot of thought (and a lot of different advice from his family) he has decided to help. Now he is raising an army and has asked Ubbe to stay behind and watch over Kattegat until his return. We know that Harald has wanted to be king of Norway for some time and while his plea for help seems sound, we are always wary of Harald.

We also saw Lagertha being watched. Bjorn decided instead of killing Ivar’s men, that he would brand them and send them off to be outcasts for life… and now they have found Lagertha. We have long heard the prophecy from the Seer that she would die by the hands of one of Ragnar’s sons, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be literally? Maybe Bjorn’s decision to allow these men to be free will result in Lagertha being killed by Bjorn’s hand unintentionally. (Side note: We know that Rollo is claiming to be Bjorn’s father, but just like Bjorn we don’t buy it).

And when it comes to Ivar, him and Prince Oleg are now getting ready to embark on their journey to take over Kattegat and it is coming at a good time for them with Bjorn planning to be away. Ubbe is a capable warrior, but we haven’t really seen him as a leader and with Hvitserk living his life inside a bottle of mead (and Bjorn taking his army with him), will Ubbe be able to deal with Prince Oleg’s advance on Kattegat?

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