Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 14 video: The quest to stop a mobile bomb


Hawaii Five-0Want to know what’s coming on Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 14? Well, at the center of this story is something that could put the entire island at risk.

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The promo below is focused almost entirely on the case for this particular installment, and without a doubt, this is a super-intense one revolving around a mobile bomb and questions as to how exactly it may ultimately be contained. This is about both tracking things down and also stopping the responsible parties in a super-short period of time, and there are some moments within this episode where things can take a turn for the personal. Based on some of the information that is already out there about this episode, this is going to be a really important installment for Lou Grover more than anyone else. It’s a chance to really dive into some elements of his past while also presenting a story that is super-intense in the present.

This episode should prove to be the perfect one to air as the series returns from a hiatus — there is so much good stuff going on and we can certainly hope that most of it culminates in an exciting conclusion. We’re also rooting for a great Chi McBride performance, given that when it happens it manages to lift the entire episode around him to new heights.

Of course, we’re still hoping that there are a number of different personal spotlights that are coming over the next several episodes. We just got done with a big one related to Danny Williams, and we also had one with Steve McGarrett following Joe’s death a little bit earlier this year. As to what could be coming down the line now, our feeling is that we’re going to get some more big stories for Junior and Tani — their relationship has been developing over time, and we certainly are in the camp of people who would like to see it go to the next level.

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