‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: Are lips a key?

We know that season 3B of “Pretty Little Liars” has not even started to air just yet, but we still have some early speculation as to what could be the biggest episode of the entire series yet. Why? Let’s just say that by the time this episode airs, the lives of many of our favorite characters in Rosewood may never be the same. We are sure that the newly-revealed member of the “A Team” (in Toby) will be involved, and Mona is also set to likely have a role now that she has found a way to bounce back and forth between the real world and Radley Sanitarium.

(Warning: the following does contain a hint for the finale, so read at your own risk.)

So what sort of role do lips have to play in all of this? We really don’t know, but executive producer Marlene King recently posted the image to the left on her Twitter account, and she also shared the following message to go along with it:

“3B promises to deliver on red being the new black.”

The “red is the new black” meme is something that King has been discussing openly ever since before this season started, but we have yet to really even develop any sort of understanding as to what exactly is going on with it. As for the red lips, there do appear to be more than a little bit similar to Alison’s, who has lipstick applied to them during the show’s now-famous theme song. Does this mean that we will see Alison’s body returned, or we could actually find out just who is responsible for killing her? If this series really does run four seasons (which at one point was the plan, it would not be surprising to see a major move forward in some of the stories that have been present for the show since the beginning.

What do you think that these lips mean? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below.

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