Floribama Shore season 2 episode 24 video: Aimee’s fight makes headlines

Aimee HallTonight on MTV, Floribama Shore season 2 episode 24 will be arriving on MTV and with it comes a little bit of drama from the real world. How else can you describe what Aimee is going through in the sneak peek CarterMatt has for you below?

In this video, you can see her receiving some rather-unwelcome news from home in that there are headlines all about her and a recent fight she got into — one that actually did spill into the headlines in the months that followed filming taking place. We heard last summer about everything from possible lawsuits to police hearings. We don’t want to spoil the end result of some of this for those who want to stay within the world of the show, but let’s at least say that the criminal part of this case does seem to be resolved. This is something that went on for Aimee throughout the months that followed season 2 filming last year.

Aimee is clearly upset in this preview, and she does her best to defend herself, claiming that she didn’t punch the woman in the nose as is being claimed. She’s also upset about the reports hurting both her reputation and that of her home state of Alabama. She also claims that everyone gets into fights at bars, but rarely does it ever spill over into a situation like this.

The unfortunate reality Aimee’s probably learning through all of this experience is this — it’s one thing to get into a bar fight if you are a non-famous person, and it’s another when you are a celebrity. Being a reality TV star makes you more of a target to stuff like this, and then also generates more attention around you. That means that you have to adjust your behavior when you’re out, mostly because you have so much more to lose. You have a little bit of money, and you have a public persona who people are so much more aware of and this will also spill out on to family and friends.

We’ll see just how much more this is addressed over the next few weeks of the show. By the time a potential season 3 airs though, we feel like this is going to be more or less a distant memory.

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If you want some more details on this episode, take a look at the official Floribama Shore season 2 episode 24 synopsis below:

Aimee deals with the consequences of her dust-up at Newby’s. Codi and Candace’s relationship grows deeper after their date. The girls put on the performance of a lifetime for the guys.

How do you think Aimee should handle this particular crisis? Be sure to share in the comments, and stay tuned for some additional news when it comes to Floribama Shore. (Photo: MTV.)

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