Is AJ Buckley leaving SEAL Team; did Sonny die in season 2 episode 13?

SEAL Team season 2 episode 13Is AJ Buckley leaving SEAL Team? We certainly know that there were a lot of people worried about his fate entering this episode.

There’s certainly a reason for that paranoia, given that in the promos for the episode we saw Buckley’s character of Sonny in grave danger due to an incident under the water — one that could cause him to drown. As the episode went along, there was even more of a reason for concern. This is a guy whose fate was only getting worse and worse.

If there was one reason to have hope in Buckley’s future, though, it was this: The fact that the series already killed off Alana. Would they really write two people off the map within a single season? That’s a crazy thing to think about, and we didn’t want to believe it could happen. (For those wondering, Alana’s death was due more to the actress behind the show taking on a different role.)

Of course, our confidence that Buckley was staying was offset majorly by the fact that Sonny’s fate just kept getting in more and more peril as things continued to go along. Also, Buckley did post the following message on Instagram before the show with the hashtag #SonnySaysGoodbye. With that said, here’s the thing: Sonny could say goodbye and also still survive. Both parts can be true, since he could’ve prepared for it to be the end even if it wasn’t. At about the three-quarter mark of the episode, this is where our mind was by and large.

The good news

Sonny did not die. With that, Buckley isn’t going anywhere! Despite the danger tonight, he will be sticking around. This episode does deserve some serious commendation for making everyone as worried as they were throughout, and you can breathe a good sigh of relief on the other side of it. Hopefully, all of this does make up for the fact that there is going to be a hiatus coming up and we may have to wait a little while in order to see more of what’s coming up next.

We will say this, though — wasn’t this entire episode a great showcase for Buckley as a performer? We imagine that this had to be tough to film, but he’s emerged on the other side of it and probably left a lasting impression on many viewers.

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