Suits season 8 episode 11 review: Donna’s new love interest; is Louis good at his new job?

SuitsTonight, Suits season 8 episode 11 arrived on USA and with that, kicked off a number of stories that we’re going to be diving into.

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On a personal level, the most obvious one we’re curious about is the arrival of Thomas Kessler (Sasha Roiz), a high-end furniture magnate and someone doing business with the firm … while also interested in something more with Donna. He’s smart, considerate, and has a good sense of humor and likes the rapport that he has with her. He’s smitten enough to ask her out, and we certainly think that she is intrigued — though, at least for now, she hesitated on accepting the invitation given that he is still a client.

Yet, this isn’t over, and this feels like the customary time in which we wonder whether this will be the thing that inspires Harvey to take a long look at his feelings for her, just as Dr. Agard caused Donna to take a look at her own feelings for him. We’d like to be optimistic here, but at the same time, we realize that we’ve been on this ride before with some of these characters and realize that there’s not exactly a guarantee things are going to work out in the way in which we’d like for them to. Our Darvey heart just wants to remain hopeful.

For tonight, Harvey Specter was focused on getting more justice for Jessica, even though she wasn’t in town anymore and didn’t necessarily need him to do too much more. Nonetheless, he and Robert Zane looked at that boxing-oriented case tonight as a way to strike back at Andrew Malik over some of what he did in having Jessica disbarred in New York. Public humiliation was his chosen way to go here, knowing that Malik had higher aspirations and he could find a way to get back at him by dangling this carrot over him.

Consider tonight a small victory for Harvey, but we’re not exactly sure that Malik will retreat forever. He and Harvey have a long history, which means in turn that they know one another’s strengths and also weaknesses.

Who was the real hero in Harvey and Zane’s case?

Think in terms of the new managing partner Louis Litt, who despite early fears actually seems to be rather good at his job. He was very much effective in helping Harvey solve his Malik problem, at least once Donna pushed for him to be more involved and not just delegate issues away. He also worked alongside Alex with his own problems and seems to still be working alongside Thomas Kessler — at least for now. Louis is balancing everything effectively for now, though we’re sure that this won’t last forever. We do think that Louis has learned a lot, and his ability to really understand highs and lows make him a good choice for the job.

Katrina vs. Samantha

This was an interesting back-and-forth between these two women, mostly because Samantha learned what Katrina did in order to help Alex last season and, in turn, wanted her to bend some rules for her. Samantha basically blackmailed her, thinking that she could find any dirty secret Katrina had and would use it against her. Katrina did help Wheeler resolve some of her problems, but now realizes more the sort of lawyer she wants to be. She doesn’t want to keep being in this situation, and she also made it clear to Alex that after having to deal with Samantha, he owed her a favor that she would collect later.

CarterMatt Verdict

With the knowledge now that season 9 is the end of the road for Suits (read more about that here),we do think that this raises the stakes somewhat for many upcoming cases as a whole. Luckily, this one got us off to a great start with a fascinating number of storylines, plus the return of a great adversary in Andrew Malik. We know that Daniel Hardman is coming down the road, so clearly, the arch-nemeses for the newly-named Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams are still lurking in the shadows.

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