The Conners season 2 renewal hopes, premiere date speculation

The ConnersAs we inch ever closer to the season 1 finale airing tonight on ABC, let’s render one final verdict when it comes to The Conners season 2 and its renewal chances.

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We know that the show may be somewhat divisive thanks to the way in which it was conceived, but this does not change one thing when it comes to the show’s renewal prospects: It’s coming back. At this point, there is almost no other way around it. ABC hasn’t renewed it officially yet, but pending some last-second issues, we certainly think it’s happening.

Why the confidence? It all comes back to the ratings, as season 1 is generating on average a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and over 7.4 million live viewers. Those are pretty-great ratings for ABC and even rank it in front of their comedy titan Modern Family by a pretty wide margin. This is a good reminder that even without Roseanne Barr, there’s clearly enough of an appeal here for ABC to dive into negotiations and make sure they get more episodes down the road.

One of the things that could be holding up the official renewal at present is simply determining just how many episodes the new season will be. We’d personally like to see a 13-episode run, mostly since 11 feels a little bit too short and this would allow the show to premiere a little earlier in the fall and then finish up at roughly the same time of the year. It’s also enough of a break to allow the cast to do some other things — which is good given that Sara Gilbert has The Talk, Laurie Metcalf has a huge film career, John Goodman has a new HBO show, and Emma Kenney has Shameless provided that it continues. We also do wonder whether or not Johnny Galecki could have a larger presence in season 2, given that his schedule will be freed up with The Big Bang Theory coming to a close.

When would it likely premiere?

Think late September. The only reason The Conners season 1 premiered a little bit later than this is simply because of the late pickup and the last-minute things that needed to happen behind the scenes after the Roseanne exit. If the show comes back, odds are ABC will want to start its Tuesday fall lineup at around the same time most rival networks are.

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