Good Trouble episode 3 video: Did someone steal Mariana’s idea?

Freeform LogoComing up on Good Trouble episode 3 on Freeform Tuesday night, life’s not getting any easier for Mariana. She’s got her new job and while it has its fair share of benefits (great salary, a space with a lot of room for growth), it also has some very clear drawbacks. The biggest one is that it doesn’t yield many opportunities yet for women, mostly because so many of the employees are the typical tech nerd / bro type who like to communicate mostly with other like-minded people. Even if they are not intentionally silencing voices different from their own, they may find ways to do it nonetheless. One may be an uncomfortable work environment, and another may be handing down some menial tasks.

Based on the sneak peek below, it feels like the latest setback coming Mariana’s way is a little bit more intentional than happenstance. During a meeting at the tech company, Mariana learns that some of the guys have seemingly adopted one of her ideas into the latest project! That’s great news, but the problem is that it seems as though she’s getting none of the credit for it. Without the credit, it’s pretty hard for her to take the next step and for her career to move forward. More than likely, she will be stuck in one place forced to fight for every little victory she gets.

Because of what she witnesses here, more than likely Mariana’s going to be left with a choice: To try and fight against these guys, or to just take her assignment and try to move forward that way. We don’t think that this situation is completely broken for her just yet, but she’s going to have to go in here even bigger and bolder than before. She’s put in a difficult, unfair situation where she has to work twice as hard and take twice the stand as anyone else. If she puts herself forward, challenges those close to her, and makes the app better in the end, don’t you think that they’ll have to respect her? It shouldn’t have to be this way, but we think that Mariana is capable of schooling many of these dudes. Once these people start to really recognize who they are dealing with, at that point they may adjust their behavior. They need an education, but this situation could still be tenable for her.

Hopefully, much of the rest of this season for Mariana is about her finding her way and showing just what she’s capable of. As for some of these guys, hopefully it’s about them listening and potentially learning a thing or two along the way.

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