Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 14 review: Team gets heated over sensitive case

Hawaii Five-0We have had a short hiatus waiting for the next new episode of Hawaii Five-0, but finally it’s back tonight and with an episode that’s going to give Flippa a little time in the spotlight since the case tonight will involve a friend of his.

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Tonight’s episode gave us a small peek into Flippa’s life as he prepares for a gig with his band. He’s trying to buy some time before he hits the stage as his drummer (Luca) is running late to the show, but when he finally gets him on the phone he tells Flippa to stall just a few more minutes because he’s almost there. Unfortunately he never makes it to the gig because he was killed at the back of his van – stabbed 9 times. Clearly this is personal. When the team digs deeper they find a long blonde hair on him that belongs to a 15 year old girl (Annie) that he had been making large payments to. This is not looking good.

Luca turns out to be her therapist giving her money to help her after her parents tried to send her to conversion therapy for being gay. He was paying her lawyer to try to get Annie emancipated and help her get away from her parents and this conversion therapy. Now the parents have become a people of interest since they knew she was seeing Luca for help, but they are not the only ones when they find a young man named Conor straight out of prison with a special interest in hate crimes and a mobile bomb.

As it turns out this is a lot bigger then Luca – really this is about race and Conor’s involvement in a hate group that is ready to set off bombs in multiple cities to kill as many people as possible. Conor’s target is a children’s community center. The team is there in time and their is a fight over the grip detonator that he has when Grover takes the shot on Conor giving McGarrett a chance to get the detonator and save the kids.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was a really difficult episode to watch, we aren’t going to sugar coat it and especially with all the headlines recently with hate attacks (like what happened to jussie smollett) it made this all the harder to watch. Luckily Hawaii Five-0 is not a show to shy away from stories and as hard as it is to watch and talk about this stuff, it needs to be address. This was clearly something that the team was taking personally with Grover really taking it to heart because of a personal experience and while they’ve always come together for cases, it’s not all that often that we see everyone on the team as heated as they were tonight.

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