The Punisher season 3 renewal: Is there any hope of it happening?

Punisher spoilersCould The Punisher season 3 actually happen at Netflix? Is there even the faintest chance at it? With Netflix already cancelling Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil we understand your reason for concern over the future of The Punisher.

Moving into the premiere episode tomorrow, there is reason to be wondering these questions and to be afraid — after all, Netflix has already shown that they have no problem canceling various series within the Marvel world, whether it be Luke Cage, Daredevil, or Iron Fist. The Daredevil cancellation in particular is the one that sent shockwaves through the industry, mostly because the presumption here was that this was the most-popular show that Netflix had in their whole world of superhero shows. It’s still rather hard to figure that the streaming company wanted to end it … but things are likely more complicated than that. This is one of the reasons why there is so much concern surrounding the future of The Punisher now.

At present, Netflix has not 100% confirmed that season 2 is the final season; yet, it’s fair to assume going into it that it will be. It’s possible that Disney is trying to move many of their Marvel properties away from Netflix to companies that they have more singular ownership over. Meanwhile, it’s possible that Netflix is trying to move away from a studio that is starting off their own rival streaming service. The thing that is perhaps the most frustrating when it comes to a number of these shows and their future is the lack of transparency that their viewers are getting and in the end it’s the audience that is going to make your streaming service successful or a flop. There’s just, unfortunately, not a whole lot of insight out there on why these decisions are being made, and we do think that’s making the cancellations all the more difficult on all of us that are invested in these shows.

What does feel reasonably clear to us is this: There aren’t a lot of solid venues out there for a show like The Punisher, largely due to the fact that it is so violent and bloody that there aren’t going to be a lot of suitable homes for it as is and would need to water it down (and no one wants a watered down version of Frank Castle). If Netflix does cancel it, it really feels like the only other perfect venue for it would be either a premium-cable network or a move to feature films where pretty much anything goes. If you’re going to do this story, you have to do this story — there are no half-measures to be taken here.

Given how quickly Netflix has canceled some of the other shows in this Marvel world, we expect a decision here on The Punisher within the next month or so.

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