Chicago Med season 4 episode 11 review: What happened with Ethan, April?

Chicago MedTonight on NBC, Chicago Med season 4 episode 11 brought you a storyline featuring characters doing what they can to overcome obstacles — even though some of them were self-inflicted.

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For Dr. Will Halstead, the character cannot get out of his own way. He’s still struggling in the aftermath of what happened with his protective custody and he’s having a hard time adjusting. He’s edgier, more temperamental, and he has no problem sparring with people he wouldn’t normally. Take, for example, what happened with his patient — a surrogate who refused to have a reduction procedure, one that could save one twin fetus even though it would take away the other.

Will ended up taking the side of the surrogate, which presented a huge ethical problem for him and for the hospital. Goodwin was furious that he wouldn’t stop working on the case, even though he found out a solution that worked where the surrogate was willing to risk her own life for the sake of the patient.

Meanwhile, for Ethan tonight he did everything that he could tonight in order to save Reggie (friend of CarterMatt Eddie McGee — read our recent interview with him here), a military veteran who was in desperate need of the platelets necessary to save his life. Unfortunately, a recent shortage led to there not being any available and when April chose to go over Ethan’s head rather than following his direct orders, it caused a problem — one that was already there because of what transpired earlier on in the episode, where April made Vicky leave before she talked with Ethan about details related to Reggie’s case.

By the end of the episode, Ethan and April did get on the same page … but that was before they kissed and with that, things are complicated and messy all over again.

Tension between Ava and Connor

Right when things were a little bit calmer for the two of them, things erupted once more over Ava’s decision to let a liver donor take part in secret, knowing that it would be against the patient’s wish if it was public. We think that these two are going to have problems with this, but all of this may eventually go back to Connor and Connor’s father.

Speaking of which, Connor’s dad showed up at the end of the episode … and may tell his son his version of the truth.

Dr. Halstead needs help

Finally, let’s look towards Will once more. By the end of the episode, both Natalie and Sharon went to Dr. Charles making it clear that they were concerned about him. With that, Will has to enter mandatory counseling. He was not happy with it, and by the end of the episode he and Natalie were heated with each other over him keeping her in the dark about what he’s going through.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a compelling episode of Chicago Med, but by the end of it, we’re starting to think that there are more questions than answers. So many stories have yet to be resolved.

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