The Flash season 5 episode 10 review: What is Eobard’s plan for Nora?

Flash season 5 episode 2It was a long wait, but tonight, The Flash returned to The CW with another great episode — one that resolved the cliffhanger and also gave Barry and some of the other characters at STAR Labs some new challenges.

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Let’s kick off here with where the episode began, given that we saw Eobard Thawne do whatever he could to convince Nora West-Allen that he had her best interest at heart in allowing her to go back to the past to see her father — he claimed that he’d changed and that many of his previous actions when it came to her father stemmed from a level of hate that he had in his heart. He wanted to be The Flash, and when he couldn’t, that led to some of the violence and the chaos that he inflicted throughout the first season.

Now, let’s get back to the main conflict in the present. Cicada was reasonably out of the picture tonight, and instead the chief baddie was someone in Silver Ghost who could use meta-tech in order to empower machines and have them operate in a way that very few can. Take, for example, her using a stolen sports car in order to unleash all sorts of chaos on the city — it was also one that The Flash couldn’t even touch because of a reflective barrier.

All of this was bad; yet, things went from bad to worse when Silver Ghost busted the Weather Witch after a complicated court hearing. She found herself a valuable partner-in-crime and while Weather Witch seemed remorseful for her actions in her hearing, we were concerned that this was something that wouldn’t stick. Those concerns were validated, but not in the way that you would first think. This episode proved mostly to be about Nora’s own inability to see the gray, and rather to focus on the black and white. Because of what happened with the Reverse-Flash, she refused to acknowledge the idea that people could change. With that in mind, she also refused to work with Weather Witch or help her even when she escaped from Silver Ghost’s clutches. She got her arrested again and in the aftermath of that, she ended up teaming up with her. When the only person willing to give you a second chance is a villain, that’s not good news.

Ultimately, though, Nora was still able to get through to Weather Witch by the end of the episode, allowing her an opportunity to save the day and stop Silver Ghost.

Will Cisco come up with a meta-human cure?

That’s what he worked on for most of the episode, largely due to his desire to be able to move forward and have some sort of normal life. After everything that happened with Cicada earlier this season, he wasn’t sure he wanted his powers. Let’s just say he didn’t feel the same way about losing his powers that Caitlin did.

So while Caitlin / Killer Frost did have her resistance to the idea of a meta-human cure, she did agree to help. That’s why she brought him to her father’s old lab, a place where they could do a little bit of added research and work.

The cliffhanger

Tonight’s episode concluded with us getting to see Nora have one more conversation with Eobard, one where she made it clear that she would trust him — for now. Yet, he made it clear to her that he didn’t have a lot of time left — think in terms of less than an hour. This does add a little bit more urgency to whatever is going on in this timeline, but we don’t know precisely what it is just yet.

Beyond this, Sherloque ended up paying Gideon a visit in the closing minutes, only to then learn that all of Nora’s files are deleted.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was there enough Barry Allen in this episode for our satisfaction? We certainly do wonder about that, given that he spent most of the episode in the pipeline after what happened with Silver Ghost.

The problem with this episode is that, after all the excitement when it comes to Eobard, having a villain be effectively a car wasn’t altogether exciting — especially in comparison to Cicada.

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