Blue Bloods season 9: New cover hints at Eddie’s wedding dress

Blue Bloods season 9

In a post on Twitter, the show’s official account confirmed that Thursday’s new issue of TV Guide is going to give you some scoop on the show — and you can also see a small tease of Eddie’s wedding dress in the corner! Given where the series is in production right now it’s hard to imagine that they are filming the wedding just yet; instead, it feels more like the photo is from the dress fitting and both Erin and Nicky are there in order to help. This is going to be a big Reagan family affair, and of course the question that I wonder is if it’s going to be mostly Reagan-dominated or if there will be an opportunity to see some other friends or family of Eddie’s somehow mixed in there as well.

Judging from the way in which the story is building this season, the fair assumption to make is that the Jamie – Eddie wedding will happen near the end of the season, which would mean season 10 would focus on the characters in a new spot in their lives navigating life as husband and wife. While there are many shows out there that don’t seem to know what to do with couples once they are married Blue Bloods doesn’t strike us as that type of show. They have done a great job with the other relationships over the years keeping the stories relevant and relatable that many of us that are married can certainly see in our own marriages – this is one of the many reasons we love Blue Bloods as much as we do. Many television romances are usually given an unobtainable feeling, something that we dive into as a fantasy and have fun with, but it’s never been this way with Blue Bloods. Instead we have a chance to peek into something that we can see in our own daily lives or the lives of people around us and because of that it makes the Reagan family feel very much like our own.

Here’s to hoping that this wedding goes off at least reasonably close to what Jamie and Eddie want (rarely does a wedding happen without some kind of issue). If there is an issue we hope that it’s just normal wedding woes like the wrong linens ordered more so then a drunk uncle being belligerent and ruining the event for everyone. I have seen more then enough TV weddings get ruined at the last second (I’m looking at you Castle), but I have faith that Blue Bloods will get it right.

What are you the most interested in seeing in regards to Jamie and Eddie’s wedding on Blue Bloods? Be sure to share right now in the comments and stay tuned for some other information.

(Photo: CBS.)

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